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We are a dog friendly location!

If your best friend is well behaved, shows no signs of aggression, and would like to accompany you into the Caverns, we welcome you to come visit with us ! 

A few short rules we ask to be followed during your visit with us....

**Upon arrival, please come into the shop (before unloading your best friend), and let us know you have a dog with you.


  1. *All dogs must remain on a leash, at all times while on the property. 

  2. An Adult must remain in control of said dog(s) at all times, while on any part of the property. 

  3. Well behaved means your dog is not aggressive in any way, to anyone (Barking, growling , lunging, etc.)

* Please help us keep clean!! *

We would like to continue being dog friendly to the public, so all pet waste must be removed, and disposed of by the pet owner. Please clean up after your friend, We don't want our other guests seeing the cave defaced in this manner.  We have free cleanup bags available, just ask any one of our Friendly Cavern Staff!



If your dog is showing aggression that creates a problem to the flow of the business, if you do not remain in control of your pet while on property at any point, or refusal to clean up after your pet (before, after, or while on tour ) we reserve the right to refuse and, or end service, and may ask you to leave.

We thank you for understanding, and look forward to seeing you soon ! Make sure to  bring your friend by the front desk for a treat!

Jeff website.JPG

We would like to introduce Jeffrey, our resident cave dog. Jeffrey is 2 years old, and loves meeting new people who come to visit the Caverns!

Jeffrey is a very friendly American Staffordshire Terrier & Great Dane Mix! He loves to get pets, and sniff your shoes while you look around the shop. Jeffrey loves all the attention he can get!  Jeffrey is still growing, and has not been neutered, so he sometimes gets very excited with other dogs. 


Upon arrival, please come into the shop (before unloading your best friend), and let us know you have a dog with you.

This way we can put Jeffrey in a comfortable area, while you and your best friend enjoy the adventure of the cave! In doing so, we have the opportunity to provide a less stressful, more relaxing time, for everyone involved.


We would also like to introduce Trixie. She is a Yorkie Mix, and is 14 years old. When you arrive, you might see her out front as she frequently comes to visit us at the caverns! She enjoys being left alone, as she lays out on one of her many soft beds or blankets. Trixie has had a long life and at times life was hard for her, she has some trust and vision issues, and prefers to not be touched, picked-up, or loved on by people she does not know. 

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